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About Me.

My name is Tracy Anne Barlow. As a teenager, back in the days of film and chemicals, and darkrooms, I was an avid amateur photographer, but life intervened.

Now I am retired, and once again I am attempting to examine the world through the lens of my camera.

This is my journey.

My camera is currently a Canon EOS 1300D. I use mainly a Tamron 18-200 Lens, and I process my images using only Open Source Software... Digikam, Raw Therapee, GIMP, Hugin and HDR Merge, on Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

All of the images displayed on this site are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike Licence(CC BY-SA). You are free do down load and use the images, provided you attribute them to me, and pass these same rights on to others.

About This Site.

I Designed and Built this site using Open Source Tools... Bluefish for HTML Layout, CSS, JavaScript and PHP coding, and MySQL for Database. All of the Code that makes up this site is Open Source either written by myself or copied and modified to meet my needs.

For Version 1 of this site, I used an open Source Templating Engine called lazygal to generate the final site.

For Version 2 I modified the layout and added PHP code and the MySQl database, The actual pages for the Images were still generated using the lazygal templating engine.

For Version 3, I rewrote most of the code, using PHP, and further developed the MYSQl backend, now the site is fully dynamic, with the pages created on the fly.

Version 4 I've added comments below each Photo. There's background code changes, and some bug fixes.