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This is the latest news, thoughts and observations, from our travels.

Friday 3rd of May 2019 @ 02:13:00 PM

Well Sunday is the day. The bus and the car have been serviced, we have our CB fitted to the car, and spare fuel drums sorted.

We're heading West, hopefully we can get out to Cameron's Corner, where the Three States South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland intersect.

We're not yet sure if we will actually get there yet, as the Bulloo River is in flood, the result of recent late in the Season Cyclones. We're told it's a slow flood, the land is so dry from years of drought that the ground is not absorbing the water.

So in order to give the water time to drain away, we're going to head up to Hervey Bay, we'll also spend some time just hanging around other places, for a while, and hopefully I'll get some photos of the wetlands at Wooroolin, and maybe even a sunrise or two over the Mary River.

Saturday 9th of March 2019 @ 12:25:00 PM

We recently purchased a Four Wheel Drive. It's a Daihatsu Feroza, we picked it up for $2000, that plus 5 new off road tires set up back $3500, but after our mate went over the motor, we've ended up with a damn good buy.

Here's a Photo of it:

Now we can go places we never could have taken the little suzuki we used to have, and believe me we took it places no one sensible would have taken a city car.

Tuesday 8th of January 2019 @ 01:30:00 PM

I've just released some major changes. I hope this makes the site more accessible.

The visible changes now enable the pages to display properly on a smart phone.

I've also released some new Photos, that I hope meet with approval.

We're currently bringing everything together, so that we canbsoon hit the road again and sell photos from our bus, and at country and farmers markets, as we travel.

Friday 4th of January 2019 @ 06:29:00 AM

I'm currently working on changes to this site.

Due to feedback from various people, I've decided to add a comments section to each image, and will also be adding a star based scorecard.

These changes are currently in development, and will be released to testing, in a few days. In the mean time please enjoy the images I've posted.

We are also gearing ourselves up to be able to sell had copy versions of my photography. We will be making ourselves available at Farmers Markets, and places popular among Caravaners, and other travellers and holiday makers. We will be able to handle cash and cards.

Most of the images will be available in plastic sleeves, though for those who wish to do so there will be a small number available mounted and some fully framed.

I hope everyone is finding the new year refreshing, and a pleasant change from the last.

Friday 28th of December 2018 @ 03:37:00 PM

That's it, it's done: For better or for worse, I've made Photography by Feral Penguin public. I've moved the site from testing to live.

I hope people who find this site enjoy the images I've posted. They will change, grow and shrink, depending on my mood, feedback, and comments by Margaret, my long suffering and patient fellow Penguin.

Friday 28th of December 2018 @ 12:12:00 PM

Well the weather is kind of interesting at the moment.

While we in Queensland are enjoying Wintery conditions, which in this part of the world is really quite pleasant (it's also when us Feral Penguins do most of our travelling), our Southern neighbours, way down there in Victoria, are sweltering in temperatures of around 45 degrees Celsius. we are due to get low 30s, about 32 tops. So we're making the most of it.

The good news about our website, those people who have come in and commented, have been amazingly helpful, I can now see where the kinks are, and will get them fixed over the next day or so.

I can see now that the Comments page really needs to be directed to a Success page, as returning directly to the Comment page caused some confusion.

I fixed the displayed date on this page, it now reads something friendly. and I have to fix an issue in the admin section that stops me from posting incomplete replies back to you.

Thanks to those who have commented.

Thursday 27th of December 2018 @ 02:08:10 PM

It's Thursday, so Christmas has come and gone, and the Boxing Day sales as well. It's just another ordinary day in Queensland.

The weather, at the moment is actually quite pleasant, with temperatures in the low 30s, almost Winter time temperatures. It's sunny, and only slightly cloudy.

The Magpies, the kookaburras, and the Butcher birds are showing off their newly fledged families, either that or they want us to feed them... again.

So here we are, waiting for the New Year to roll around, so we can head off into our back yard, Queensland's Outback.

Tuesday 25th of December 2018 @ 03:16:37 AM

I'm currently building this website. 2018-12-25 03:16:37.

This is, the News page, Obviously.

At the moment I'm trying to get all the formatting sorted, then I will include that into the site generator's template, so that I can quickly regenerate this site when ever I want to update it.

Some parts of the site will be generated on the fly, using PHP. I'm thinking I won't use a database, it will use flat files to store the various items, such as this pages contents and the comments I will use a database, with that in mind I've built several tables, and associated Stored Procedures.

I can't see that I will need anything else, as it's unlikely I will get a huge number of traffic, and I'm not really trying to. The object of the excercise is to make this page available to anyone interested enough in my Photography to view the site, but not push it big time.